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Part of the ALEX CARRO five-piece skin essentials collection which uses distinctive, carefully selected, natural botanicals that provide you with everything you need for sensuous, sustainable, next-level skincare
Impeccably smooth, healthy skin needs gentle but powerful conditioning and polish. The ALEX CARRO Exfoliating Powder provides a delicate balance of adroit natural ingredients like bamboo and papaya extract, that gives you a simple, rinse-off exfoliation that leaves skin instantly brighter and smoother
Papain and bromelain enzymes are mixed with micro walnut and coconut shell powders, which polish the skins surface and boost skin for a luminous, renewed complexion. Bamboo extract conditions the skin and further boost cell renewal. Skin is left glowing, smooth and renewed
How to use:
Mix about half a teaspoon of Exfoliant Powder with water for intense exfoliation
Try mixing your Exfoliating Powder with:
  1. Mix about half a teaspoon of Exfoliating Powder with the Facial Cleanser for a Gentle Exfoliator, or mix with the Balancing Face Oil for a Hydrating Exfoliator. Massage gently over your face and neck. Rinse with warm water and pat dry
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