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The ALEX CARRO five-piece skin essentials Discovery Set uses distinctive, carefully selected, natural botanicals that provide you with everything you need for sensuous, sustainable, next-level skincare
Fall in love with the complete ALEX CARRO range, created to work together to form a perfect everyday routine, create your own tailored products by mixing at home, adapting your skincare to your skin’s needs and your mood, and take your favourite skincare on an adventure with you
The essentials Discovery Set comes in a lightweight, resistant, elegant jacron paper wash bag, making it the perfect travel or gym companion, way to experiment with ALEX CARRO or as a gift introduction
Includes 5 travel-size products:
Balancing Face Oil, 10ml
Facial Cleanser, 30ml
Exfoliating Powder, 10g
Face Cream, 15ml
Multi-use Balm, 10ml 
How to use/Mix it up:
  • Flash Effect Duo (Balancing Oil + Exfoliating Powder)
            Mix together then massage gently over face, lips and neck, leave for 2 minutes.
            Rinse with warm water. (2-3 x week)
  • Radiance Boost Mask Duo (Balancing Oil + Facial Cleanser)
            Mix together then smooth over clean face and leave for 10-15 minutes.
            Rinse off with warm water. (2-3 x week)
  • Enzymatic Cleansing Gel Duo (Facial Cleanser + Exfoliating Powder) 
            Mix together then massage gently over dry face and neck.
            Emulsify with warm water, then rinse off. (Daily)
  • Extra Rich Duo (Balancing Oil + Face Cream) 

            Mix a few drops of Balancing Face Oil into the Face Cream then apply to face,             
            eye area and neck. (Daily AM & PM, or as required)

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