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The GREEN Gift Set is the perfect introduction to LEBON organic toothpastes, and comes in its own special edition gift box, containing 3 of our best-selling flavours, FEARLESS FREEDOM, CAP FERRAT MOOD and SWEET EXTRAVAGANCE
FEARLESS FREEDOM - Freedom is not a concept, it’s a way of life. A choice made by those who own a free spirit. Dedicated to the freedom lovers, the infinite life explorers, and the surfers of all the seas and oceans
The funky taste of sweet rebellion. Intense blackcurrant combined with fresh mint and papaya, a powerful natural whitening effect
CAP FERRAT MOOD - Embodying the classic and timeless chic of the French Riviera, the Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat, located just above the Mediterranean coastline of Saint Jean Cap Ferrat
A mixture of fresh regenerating mints
SWEET EXTRAVAGANCE - The extravagance of Hollywood glamour, and touches of pink from The Beverley Hills Hotel, aka the “Pink Palace”
Definitively haute couture and sexy. Rose embraces with orange blossom and a hint of mint

The LEBON toothpastes are designed and manufactured in FRANCE. The scents of the toothpastes, which are 100% natural and formulated in Grasse, are the source of their flavours and have a rare intensity. Certified, “not tested on animals” our toothpastes contain 0% parabens, 0% fluorine, 0% dye, and 0% saccharin. The rolled material of the tubes is recyclable, and their thick layers give them the ability to deform as pure aluminium tubes of old, whilst the wood fibre packaging comes from sustainably managed forests
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