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OG is the main character of “movie” (1965), a short film written by Samuel Beckett, with the actor Buster Keaton

Oc, the eye of the camera, the critical eye of the world is following OG: he’s frightened and shaken. At the end we find out that og and oc are the same person. The desire of remain in memory: being perceived in that moment, to transmit your being in such a way that it will be remembered

OG is a fragrance with a particularly special aroma note: oud. This note wonderfully joins to the western notes that make it much hotter and fascinating, with a distinct personality
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TOP NOTES citrus notes / lavender / brandy accord / chocolate
HEART NOTES bulgar rose / benzoin resin / vanilla / cinnamon
BASE NOTES patchouli / opoponax / sweet woods / white musk / amber / vetiver