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Raw Masculinity . Boosts the Natural Seductive Power

Leon left the French club in Marrakesh. He loved these casual meetings amongst gentlemen. The bridge game had been tough, and the subtle smell of the cigars lingered on his summer shirt. The times were certainly dangerous, but Morocco in the 1930’s was probably the safest. Next week he was leaving for Cairo. The scent of the honey-tobacco chichas would replace the cigars and the locals would call him Afandi, a sign of respect. They feared him, but little did they know about his real plans. On his way back to Europe, he would pass by Beirut and meet his mistress. He loved how she smelled a mix of cedar wood and violet leaves. She was sensual and playful. She would place the local tarbouch on his head, smile, laugh and drink mandarin liquors all night long. Planning revolutions had its benefits

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TOP NOTES almond / cinnamon / cumin / rose
HEART NOTES iris / heliotrope / frangipani
BASE NOTES blonde wood / tonka bean / vanilla / musks