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Blask takes on the subtle yet fundamental element of trust, which forms the deepest bond between human beings

Blask is a Polish word that means glow, brilliance, glory and glamour, the shine of the sun and the gleam of moonlight. The fragrance speaks of the warm radiance that comes from the wellspring of trust within, the trust that is a lifeline across the generations, forming the bond between mature men and women and their younger counterparts
The dry, savoury tang of bay leaf oil together with the full, elegant body notes of rich red wine and a woody walnut note give a deep, solid sense of maturity and intimacy. You know you are in good hands. Eclectic floral elements add a softer, playfully enticing touch. The overall character is of a unique new interpretation of an Oudh scent
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TOP NOTES bay leaf oil
HEART NOTES floral elements
BASE NOTES red wine / walnut