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Aromatic diffuser set with natural lava rocks, large grey concrete dome and lid with black powder-coated tree spike. Includes aromatic solution in the no.4 betel scent. A functional statement piece to elevate your home décor and aromas

no.4 betel

“chuyên trâu cau” a red embrace, a spiritual vice. Centuries of ceremonial offering wrapped in crimson. They are betel + areca, symbols of ritual and tradition, a psychoactive fuse of two beings.

Note: “chuyên trâu cau”- a vietnamese proverb synonymous with the “merging of two souls”

for use indoors. When first applying, saturate the lava rock with 8-12 droplets of solution to activate the scent of the rock. In maintaining, place 4-5 drops onto the rock to slowly aromatize the scent of the room. The smell will get stronger overtime creating a fragrance layer

when not in use, keep the lid on to lock in the scent
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TOP NOTES cypress / bergamot / lavender
HEART NOTES tobacco / fir needle / hyacinth blossom
BASE NOTES darjeeling / jasmine / rosewood