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Xl candle in a raw, grey, concrete vessel with 4 cotton wicks, a heavy-weight steel lid and chain handle. Each component is unique and made by concrete/metal artisan, then hand poured in los angeles with our custom blend of natural wax and highly concentrated oils. This item is shipped in a dark stained custom wooden crate

no.6 hyssop

“adebeor ezob” purification. The mind’s eye. The crisp air of first light the holy herb of safekeeping and optimism cool to the senses as consciousness rises it is the protector of sacred space

note: “adebeor ezob” in hebrew means the holy herb used for purification
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TOP NOTES moroccan mint / cardamom / hyssop
HEART NOTES basil / clove / jasmine / cypress
BASE NOTES lavender / thyme / cedarwood