Fragrance x Body Temperature – It’s a Science

Fragrance x Body Temperature – It’s a Science

With winter officially arriving, we’re looking towards the colder months ahead. Likely to be spent in some form of a lockdown and featuring an occasional trip to the supermarket, is there a better time to experiment?

Some of you might be attempting to see how many days you can spend in your pyjamas before someone notices. Others might be trying a new diet or going fresh-faced for a change

But what about experimenting with your perfume? The joy of a beautiful fragrance is a truly personal experience, one which can be enjoyed while out socialising, or while lounging on the sofa. And the beauty of it is, if you spritz one you don’t like you can simply wash it off 

Body chemistry has everything to do with fragrance, and the colder months call for perfumes with a sturdier olfactory experience. Perfume itself is a science. Inside the safety of its bottle, it is simply aromatic molecules bouncing around. But once those molecules hit your skin, they start to evaporate and release into the air around you. If you’re a bit of a fragrance connoisseur, you probably already have an understanding that hot weather intensifies the notes of a scent but dissipates it more quickly, and cold weather makes the molecules evaporate slower, but the scent last longer

Therefore, it stands to reason in the summer, lighter fragrances should be applied to the skin and more regularly, but in the winter, you should do the opposite. We’re not saying you should walk around smelling like a cinnamon candle - although we do love those - but the idea behind it is the same

In the winter we instinctively seek warmth and comfort, and that’s exactly the kind of scents which work best when you’re warding off the cold. Patchouli, vanilla, amber, anise, sandalwood and indeed, cinnamon are all best friends with winter. All of these essences and others bring you sensual, sophisticated notes which are given the time they need to evaporate by the cooler temperatures. They develop more gradually, therefore increasing the longevity, and your enjoyment of the fragrance

Your winter perfume should make you feel wrapped up and enveloped like a cosy knitted blanket. The fragrance, or fragrances, you choose to wear over the coming months should be long wearing enough to linger on your onesie and carry you through to the first days of spring 
at the end of March. We’d like to think that by then we’ll be free to venture out into the world once more, alongside the budding daffodils

So with all of that in mind, we’ve hand-picked some scents which are perfect to try out on your next endeavour outside:

Burning Barbershop

The base notes of burning oil, vanilla and hay will hover beneath the top notes of spearmint and lime until they’re ready to come to the forefront. This scent from DS & Durga embodies everything a winter fragrance should be, and also has a pretty cool origin story. Available in our online fragrance store as a 1.5ml sample, or in 50ml or 100ml bottles

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Black Afgano

A rich and hypnotic scent, Black Afgano is meant to enable the wearer to experience some of the smooth and deep qualities of hashish, without any of the side effects. Dark and dangerous – it’s for the most daring. Available in our online fragrance store as a 30ml bottle

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Eight & Bob
Eau de Parfum

Peppery and deep. A kind of masculinity surrounds this scent and its story, strengthening its base notes of sandalwood and vetiver. A strong winter fragrance contender. Available in our online fragrance store as a 100ml bottle

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A seductive composition, this fragrance is a complex blend of herb and smoke. Named for the year when Carthusian monks first began mixing their natural ingredients into fragrances. A base of incense and vanilla provides a solid ground on which the complex top notes can develop. Available in our online fragrance store as a 2ml sample and 100ml bottle

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27 87 Perfumes

With a deep and smoky nudge towards African vibes, there is an element of freshness to this fragrance which would carry you through the transition from winter to spring nicely. Available in our online fragrance store as a 2ml sample, or in 27ml or 87ml bottles

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