4 Niche Scent Brands We’re Watching Right Now

4 Niche Scent Brands We’re Watching Right Now

Hello to all the niche fragrance connoisseurs out there, this piece is for you. We know how you love a unique brand and discovering unusual scents, be it for your body or your home, so we wanted to bring to your discerning attention the following 4 brands

These are the ones we’re watching right now, the ones who are making waves with their scented offerings and we want you to be watching them too. Read on for thrilling innovation and transporting singularity…

One of our newest brands, Ellis Brooklyn is launching in the UK at the end of this month (April 2021) and we’re very excited to be hosting the entire line of EDPs and candles, not to mention a very intriguing CBD body oil. Founder Bee Shapiro writes at the New York Times covering beauty and, quite naturally, fell in love with the industry, particularly fragrance. But searching for cleaner fragrance options during her pregnancy was a struggle which led to the birth of the brand. With an ethos of clean ingredients, sustainable sourcing and unforgettable scents, Bee has taken the power of scent and translated it into stories worth sniffing.

These are the kind of covetable fragrances you want to reach for every day, the sustainability and clean standards a bonus cherry on top of a beautifully crafted line

Find Ellis Brooklyn here

Quickly gathering momentum right now is this fragrance line from Romy Kowalewski. The Barcelona-based brand has 6 incredibly singular scents which were created to intentionally enhance an individual’s personal reality. The fragrances work with you rather than for you, taking the crafted ingredients to a whole other level of unique. They are inquisitive and progressive, a simple definition of luxury we can all relate to. These are scents for the modern world we live in, meant as companions to the everyday, and tracking their evolution on your skin over time can be addictive

The line is purposefully trendless and genderless, allowing you to form your own opinions when you come into contact with the scents. And in true progressive 27 87 style, they’re available in 27ml and 87ml bottles rather than traditional sizes

Find 27 87 Perfumes here

As we move into the warmer months with a renewed rejuvenation, we can’t help but be drawn to Carthusia. Giving us all the ‘summer in Capri’ feels, this brand is built on its tradition and continues in the same way. They still make the fragrances using the same methods as the Carthusian monks did all the way back in the 1300s, and the ingredients are sourced solely from the island. Limited production of the scents gives this brand an exclusivity we just love, and they’re bottled and wrapped by hand too

A bottle of Carthusia is like gifting sunshine, each fragrance a unique harmony of scents that tugs on the invisible bond between bottle and island, immediately transporting you to Capri even if you’ve never been there

Find Carthusia here

Coming soon to e-scents, PHOTO/GENICS + CO is perhaps our most distinctive brand yet. Rooted in the holistic and organic LA lifestyle, they cover the areas of body and home fragrance in a solid way. Brutalism is a heavy influence, with concrete a primary texture alongside metal and a bit of leather for good measure. The brand’s ethos is to create meaningful products that smell beautiful and are connected to the earth. They want their products to be sculptural and bold and they want you to use them again in a different way to the original

There are 7 hand-mixed scents, each a custom blend which draws on the effects of medicinal and hallucinogenic herbs and plants. Each scent smells slightly different depending on its form, but they’re all entirely singular and have a touch of spirituality about them

Coming soon.

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